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The last show was September , successfully concluded at the China International Exhibition Center. An exhibition area of over 10,000 square meters, the previous well-known exhibitors: Sammy Xi Kema, Mercedes - Benz ambulances, Panasonic, Epson, Friends Selig, Waterhouse build gold, three Connaught Biotechnology, Top Glove Group, Austria Senpei Arthur D. Little Group, resistance to solid medical equipment, Beijing Ou Linda ideal science, Bond Medical Instruments, Shandong Xinhua, Guangzhou Yang Pu, Ou Nike, Oude Italy, jiaheng, Angke biological, medical camel, West Tianlong, plus Medtronic , Bioland, number Diagnosis, Beijing Fu Xinghua, Guiter Yongsheng, Sunni Taize, in the Division are turbot, Huaneng medical equipment, Siemens Medical Systems, eight Sleeper Bed music industry, GE Medical Systems, Kimberly-Clark, Kodak US cross MD, United States Tektronix Ward, also reached the United States telemedicine, US Stryker, Italy MEDEL, diving medical equipment, Finland Decker, Shi Dong Group Thailand, Malaysia Hartalega, amend Union Coanda International Medical British general medical, Baifusheng Prius star, Kangtai Medical, Golden Bridge, Shining 3D, Shenzhen letter-long, well-being of medical equipment, Han D, Xiamen east to State Science and Technology, 100 Tongda Technology, WHO source technology, in as Kang Fu, 捷斯林爱康, medical Dunlop, correction technology, National Cheng Kung University international, Jiangsu Nice, new equipment, Yasojima PROCEED, Pan Yu Technology, bit Lok Technology, Xin Yue Qi, poetry and music's, love to fly New Zealand health, the new wave of biological, Sino-US special new medical, Miller Medical Devices, Tianjin Taibo, fast clean up, Dean of medical, health and science and technology ni; visitors mainly from the US, Germany, France, Britain, India, Russia, government agency, the Korea, Japan, Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East, Africa and Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, the mainland and other hospitals, Medical, emergency centers, medical centers, medical rehabilitation centers, disease prevention and control centers, research institutes, clinics , pharmacies, community health centers, medical equipment dealers, distributors, importers and exporters and the like; Organizing Committee of the exhibition for exhibitors Information renewal survey showed that: 82% of the exhibitors expressed the results of the exhibition satisfied, 80% of the exhibitors have expressed interest again in the next exhibition, 70% of exhibitors that show up this other show has more advantages; the audience 'survey: 90% of the audience expressed their willingness to The exhibition is recommended to business partners or colleagues, 79 percent of the visitors will visit the exhibition in 2015, 78% of the audience that the show advantages compared to other exhibitions, 75% of the audience that the show has the most complete range of exhibits 70% of the audience that the show has a leadership position in the industry.

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