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- exhibitors range
] medical equipment: all kinds of new medical equipment and medical equipment, cardiac care, medical imaging, biochemical analysis instrument, a blood pressure meter and thermometer all types of home medical equipment;
] diagnosis and treatment equipment: X-ray diagnostic equipment, ultrasonic diagnosis, nuclear medicine, endoscopic mirror system, features of medical treatment instruments, dynamic analysis instrument, low-temperature refrigeration equipment, dialysis treatment equipment, first aid equipment;
- ward care equipment and equipment: all kinds of hospital beds, cabinets, chairs, beds and other operation;
] auxiliary equipment: disinfection and sterilization products, oxygen supply equipment, blood bank equipment, medical data and image processing equipment, rehabilitation robot, the disabled, special equipment, etc.;
The oral medical equipment: dental diagnostic medical equipment, dental instruments, dental equipment;
The telemedicine system, hospital information system, hospital office automation system;
] medical dressings, medical bandage, gauze, masks, gowns, medical rubber ointment, wound paste, cotton balls, medical gloves, surgical protective film, medical breathable tape, adhesives, deposited paste, disposable syringe, transfusion device;
The Department of Ophthalmology, medical equipment, medical equipment, Department of orthopedics clinical laboratory equipment and diagnostic reagents;
The operation room, emergency room and clinic equipment and apparatus;
The spectral radiation treatment instrument, physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment etc..
The medical software and information processing system for medical media and related services;
- participation fee (Note: double opening booth 20% surcharge fee)
Exhibition Taiwan domestic enterprises foreign enterprises joint venture
The standard booth is RMB 12800 RMB 25800 yuan /9m2 /9m2 USD4800 /9m2
Deluxe standard booth is RMB 15800 RMB 28800 yuan /9m2 /9m2 USD5280 /9m2
Indoor light (36m2 rent) RMB 1300 RMB 2600 yuan /m2 /m2 USD480 /m2
Allocation of the standard booth: to provide three panels, negotiate table a, two chairs, in both Chinese and English lintel, calyceal spotlight, 220V / 5A socket a booth covered with carpet;) and other additional expenses by the exhibitors to bear.
The cost of the empty space includes: exhibition venue, carpet, security service, booth cleaning service.
[advertising] transactions and other
Cover: $36000 bottom sealing: RMB 30000 two: $20000 three: RMB 15000
Gate page: $12000 full page color: $8000: $5000 full page black text page: $3000
Arch door: 30000 yuan / gas ball: RMB 20000 / banners: RMB 20000 per ticket period: $30000 /5 million
Diamond sponsor: 500000 yuan gold sponsor: 400000 yuan silver sponsor: 300000 yuan / exhibitors visiting card: RMB 50000
[seminar] the domestic enterprise 36000 yuan / field outside enterprise yuan USD6800/ field
During the exhibition organizers will organize seminars to carry out international technology, economic and trade exchanges, publicity and introduction products. Each unit can apply to attend, please self exchange topics and and exhibitors registration form submitted to organizational units, so we can arrange the conference venues and facilities, and provided with: a conference room for 2 hours, tables, chairs, 1 projector, 2 microphones, a curtain.
Electric words: 021-54175976
Biography: 021-64126798
Department: Du Huaqiang 15921058812


Approval: Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce
Sponsor: China Medical and Health Association
Chinese Medical Exchange Society
Beijing International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


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